ECCB 2012: The 11th European Conference on Computational Biology Full Free Text(PDF)
Long read alignment based on maximal exact match seeds Full Free Text(PDF)
Indel-tolerant read mapping with trinucleotide frequencies using cache-oblivious kd-trees Full Free Text(PDF)
DELLY: structural variant discovery by integrated paired-end and split-read analysis Full Free Text(PDF)
Decoding properties of tRNA leave a detectable signal in codon usage bias Full Free Text(PDF)
Accurate estimation of short read mapping quality for next-generation genome sequencing Full Free Text(PDF)
MetaCluster 5.0: a two-round binning approach for metagenomic data for low-abundance species in a noisy sample Full Free Text(PDF)
Stitching gene fragments with a network matching algorithm improves gene assembly for metagenomics Full Free Text(PDF)
An exome sequencing pipeline for identifying and genotyping common CNVs associated with disease with application to psoriasis Full Free Text(PDF)
Nonlinear dimension reduction with Wright–Fisher kernel for genotype aggregation and association mapping Full Free Text(PDF)
Evolution of gene neighborhoods within reconciled phylogenies Full Free Text(PDF)


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